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PT Hogy Indonesia Excellence material , material for making the disposable products which i s made from the non-woven fabric Spunlace, it s one of the best materials throughout the world to combat virus and infection spread during surgery in the hospitals and had been standardized with international procedures.

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TESTIMONI Prof Ariawan Soejoenoes dr. SpOG (K) Pemilik, sekaligus Ketua Komite Medik RS Bunda Maternity Hospital Determined its SO standardization i e.SO: 1 3485. Previously from 2003 to 2005 has been standardized with SO: 9001 regarding i ntegration process upon the mplementation of SO: 9002 which is applied from 2002 to 2004. " PT Hogy indonesia socated in the Bonded Zone of MM2100 Industrial Town, its 35 km away from the capital city of Jakarta and 30 km from the Jakarta Harbour. Technically, the equipments are well tested to be used to processed the raw materia

Prof Ariawan Soejoenoes dr. SpOG (K)
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